DPS in Chile
DPS in Chile
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DPS joined in Chile the trade mission of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. During the week of July 18 to 20, DPS will be presenting Advertys in Santiago de Chile.

Advertys is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for Advertising Agencies. It allows you to manage the entire cycle of your business, monitoring each of the critical factors that affect its good performance and profitability. This Software helps you to set up customized management procedures.

The comprehensive solution has specialized modules that are used by different areas of the agency in order to integrate all the information generated in a single data warehouse.

General Features:

Ease of Use: Agile, standard, intuitive and modern interface.

Increases Productivity: Eliminates duplicity of work.

Modularized Systems: It covers all the areas of your company.

Increases Quality: Standard reports free of calculation errors.

Debugs: Automatic calculations, better communication

High technology: Client/Server, Windows.

Multiple Databases: Access, SQL Server, Oracle.

Flexibility – Transactional – Security

Managerial Approach: Efficiency

Integration with Microsoft products: Excel, Word, Outlook

Safe investment: Maintenance and Support Guaranteed at great cost.

Electronic Invoice

It is a software version of a tax document, which is generated and transmitted electronically replacing the physical document. In order to issue electronic invoices, you should have a software approved by the Internal Revenue Service (SII) for the generation of Electronic Documents (DTE).

The use of electronic invoicing authorized by the SII will result in strong savings for your company. With several years of experience our company offers an electronic invoicing solution that allows integrating Advertys to the benefits of this new electronic tax document either installed in your office or connected to our servers.

This solution reduces net operating costs, improves the efficiency in business cycles and the management of clients and suppliers.

DPS signed a commercial partnership with Facturacion.cl® that is SII-approved to offer this service to both taxpayers in general and electronic invoicing solution providers.

Benefits of the Model

• Strong savings in administrative costs of issuing and receiving invoices, (between 40% and 80%). • Reduced invoice storage costs. • Cutting of printing, fingering and stamping costs. • Faster information retrieval. • Increased speed and transparency in the sale and shipping process. • Centralized management. • Integration to the company information flow. – Centralized management. – Designed to withstand large operations. – Decentralized operation (Invoicing, Shipping, POS, etc.) – Direct support of our specialists. – It is possible to integrate new functionalities according to customer needs.