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We have the perfect combination of business and accounting know-how + IT & Software expertise needed for the development of comprehensive solutions for the advertising market in Latin America. Our team knows accurately and in detail the different administration and management systems of advertising companies, allowing us to provide high-impact recommendations on the results of business management.

Germán Eduardo de Perosanz (SR)


Business Administrator. Public Accountant

Married with 2 children, German Eduardo began his IT and Programming studies from a very young age in parallel with his Administrative and Accounting training. In 1978, he started working in the advertising market independently, developing the first Administrative Accounting System for Advertising Agencies -LINTAS WORLDWIDE, PRAGMA FCB, CASARES GREY, MCCAN ERICKSON, were some of his main clients- and finally consolidating DPS de Perosanz Sistemas.

When German Pedro turned 16, he began training and preparing him for taking over the family enterprise; he finally delegated the business continuity to his son after he graduated as a Computer Science Engineer, while still providing the support and the experience he gained over many years. He currently lives in Ing. Maschwitz and continues to work and develop projects now for DPS SISTEMAS Y CONSULTORIA S.R.L, with the peace of mind and happiness of having his two children now leading the company.

Germán Pedro de Perosanz


Computer Science Engineer

Information Systems Analyst

Graduate studies in Business Administration

Graduate studies in Management Integrated Systems

Graduated from the UNIVERSIDAD TECNOLOGICA NACIONAL in 2000, Germán Pedro has been working in developing systems for one of the main Advertising agencies and Media Centers since 1995.

In 2001, he was selected by GREY ARGENTINA as Developer Manager. Grey Argentina is currently part of “WPP”, the world’s largest group in this market.

From Grey Argentina, he began to develop the updated management system and new tools that enable the Agency achieve a greater system and resource optimization.

In 2004, he submitted a proposal for the approval of his management system (ERP) as a certified system for Latin America, which was accepted and implemented successfully. This is how he came to know the markets of COLOMBIA, PERU, MEXICO AND CHILE.

In 2006 he formed a team and led the development of the most important media planning tool: “MPGEverest” for Media Planning Argentina. The project was a success and is currently being used as a regional tool in Latin America.

Since 2008, he is leading the project of DPS Sistemas y Consultoría SRL, which is the result of many years of work in different areas of the advertising industry and has new proposals which include upgrading, improving and optimizing the software tools that DPS currently has.

During 2013 he introduced Advertys to the region with an excellent reception in the markets of Chile, Peru and Colombia. He is currently consolidating DPSla with commercial partnerships throughout Latin America.

María Verónica de Perosanz


Professor of Philosophy and Education Sciences.

Advertising Film Producer.

After finishing her career, Veronica decided to take another direction. Thanks to her family, she was able to access the advertising market and began working in the industry focused on production.

After a few years in different agencies, she specialized in the production of advertising films and started working in different production companies as freelancer.

This allowed her to see the advertising market from a different angle. After 14 years of working in film production, she took a turn to join her father and brother in a new project to strengthen a unique product that covers the entire advertising business, from agencies, media centers, marketing agencies, advertising production and post production companies, etc.

By joining forces, along with her brother and father they founded one company, DPS Sistemas y Consultoría SRL, dedicated to customer care, as well as training.

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